Football, Media and Diplomacy: Reflections from a Muslim Experience

Football – the beautiful game – has long had the ability to unite. As the number of Muslim footballers has increased, so has the visibility of Muslim practices at a time of global tensions. Muslim footballers have become ambassadors of the faith, normalizing Muslim symbols such as the sajda, prostration in prayer, to requests for alcohol free prizes. This wide-ranging panel discussion will explore the new role of Muslim footballers as representatives of the faith and offer their expert opinion and analysis on the power of media and diplomacy and the evolving image of Islam and Muslims, through the prism of sport.

Chaired by Myriam François, Journalist and SOAS Research Associate and DR J Simon Rofe, Senior Lecturer and Global Diplomacy Programme Director (SOAS.) Speakers for this event include Chair of The Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation Rimla Akhtar, Premier League Footballer for Watford FC Adlene Guedioura and SOAS PhD Nohoudh Scholar Omar Salha.  A reception, beginning at 6pm, will precede this event.

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