Muslim women moving into sport

RIMLA AKHTAR, winner of the Community Award, believes more needs to be done to engage Muslim women in sport at the grassroots level. Akhtar, who chairs the Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation (MWSF), has set up five clubs across the country to promote sport to one of the most inactive groups in society and, for the past four years, has run the Born to Succeed project to create role models in the community.

“Women’s sport has come on a lot in my lifetime at the top level but not enough at the grassroots,” says Akhtar, a former captain of the British Muslim women’s futsal team. “These awards have highlighted the broad range of talent in this country. The next step for us is to get more funding and find more role models at all levels.

“In sport no one cares about the colour of your skin or what you wear on

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