Let’s Get Mentoring!

We haven’t been this excited about a programme we’ve been developing in a long while!

Today sees the launch of the RimJhim Mentoring Programme where mentees will have the opportunity to directly contribute to thought leadership, research, policy development and action with respect to sport for development and inclusion.

As someone who was trusted to lead at a young age, our founder, Rimla, knows the immense contributions that various people have made and continue to make in her personal development. She says, “This Programme offers young people with high potential the development opportunities that may well be the catalyst for their careers.

“I have always said that being “the first” in any space is not enough
for me – I want to make sure that many others rush through the door as
I hold it open. I hope that my friends across the world will help me with this aim by sharing the opportunity.”

Please email info@rimjhimconsulting.com if you have any queries.

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