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RimJhim Consulting

RimJhim Consulting is a global leader standing at the unique intersection of sport, business and community, bringing expertise in strong and inclusive governance, leadership and delivery.


Creating our finest world.

RimJhim believes in continuous development and progress, that leadership integrity through inclusivity in all spheres and for all humanity will result in an elevated global society that enables each individual, and therefore our world, to be our best.

our work

We specialise in embedding inclusive leadership, strong governance and positive cultures strategically and practically through bespoke and organic interventions, as we understand that organisations and individuals are at varying stages of their governance journey. We recognise that inclusivity and diversity isn’t just a good business value, it is good business. So we provide services to inspire, develop and keep you at the sharpest point of cutting edge in governance and leadership.

What We Do.

RimJhim is experienced through organic and tailored services to our clients that ensure continuous development and progression. We serve future thinkers by taking a holistic approach and working for everyone – our people, our clients, our supporters and our communities. We manage ourselves to be highly regarded by all as the leaders and innovators in reaching our enduring idea and we bring along individuals and organisations who share our vision for themselves and the wider world. The character and values of our people and clients provide the signature moments that drive the movement to truly succeed.

Award winning strategic and practical development and support for bringing increased inclusivity to all within the sports industry.

Learning through sport how to develop and implement a clear and inspiring vision that integrates inclusion as a driver for growth at the heart of your organisation and how it works.

Utilising sport as a key tool for community development, cohesion and for the empowerment of organisations and individuals through events, campaigns and initiatives.

Practical mentoring and support for future leaders in sport and business looking to discover and reach their true potential for the benefit of our global community.

Public Speaking
Motivational and educational speeches on a variety of topics including overcoming the odds, finding one’s purpose and vision, and mastery.

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