RimJhim works with you differently.  We meet the community at the intersection of innovative ideas, relevant research and direct delivery.

The RimJhim team has substantial experience of using sport as a powerful tool for development since 2001. As the late great Nelson Mandela said, “Sport has the power to change the world”, and at RimJhim we focus on bringing communities and organisations together through sport. We seek true excellence through a holistic approach for both individuals and communities, enabling both to grow and shine.

RimJhim has a unique insight into the world of community sport. We have worked with a diverse range of local, national and international organisations to enhance the skillset of their staff and volunteers in order to support the growth of their organisations and communities. We have worked to engage harder to reach communities, providing support for the infrastructures and people that make communities vibrant, whilst creating welcoming environments for the communities themselves. We have also developed and delivered inspirational speeches, workshops and conferences with the needs of the community at heart.

That’s enough about us; tell us about you.

Whatever your community or organisational challenge, RimJhim has a unique solution for you.  We recognise that every challenge you face arises from a deep desire to manage or aim for positive impact and growth.

Whether you’re looking to adapt and refresh your existing strategies and programmes, or whether you’re looking to develop a new vision and initiatives, contact us at info@rimjhimconsulting.com to begin discussing the future for your community organisation.

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